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Who is concerned by WeDanceSalsa?

It’s dedicated to all Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba dancers with no exception: those who want to try, those who dance occasionally, regularly or very, very, very often… Whether you are an absolute novice or an advanced dancer, YOU ARE WELCOME!



You’ll never say you don’t know where to dance…

A maximum of info on a single website

  • In just one click: immediate access to an overview of all the evenings/events at home, on holidays, in any country/area/small village…
  • Save the date: use our calendar to anticipate and find events for the forthcoming weeks, holidays…
  • Focus: estimate the events and choose to go or not based on your criteria: music, level of the participants,
  • Warning! You never miss a festival (by date/venue)
  • People: you follow your favourite stars’ profiles
  • Tutorial box: find out associations, videos to learn how to dance
  • Good sound: discover local music, but also from elsewhere
  • Horizon: embark for exotic and original destinations (or big events) where you can dance
  • Inspiration: catch up with other dancers and new styles/moves
  • Cosmopolitan: consult a really multilingual information website

A maximum share …

  • To be present on the website, is to join the big community of dancers
  • No limit: share your salsa & your style worldwide
  • My profile: communicate videos /photos / favorite music
  • Place to be: indicate to your friends that you’ll attend certain events, which of course will entice them to come and invite you to dance :-)

Good news: this service will become a real must-have for you and it’s completely FREE!



Search according to the city or date to find salsa, bachata & kizomba events

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