WeDanceSalsa, the professional platform for Salsa, Bachata or Kizomba

Whether you are the owner of a place, an event organizer, a teacher or an association, this website is yours!

WeDanceSalsa offers to boost your communication in hardly a few seconds
By registering on the site, you become, in the eyes of the other dancers, one of the key stakeholders on the matter. Very concretely, you’ll get:

+ visibility:
WeDanceSalsa, a dedicated service which helps you communicating on yourself and your events (evening appointments, courses, festivals...) to an almost subdued targeted public!

+ notoriety:
WeDanceSalsa allows you to base and improve your image via a geo-tagged service, fast and completely free service: your events are easily locatable on a map and organized by date in the search. It’s also the opportunity to reveal your artistic style, to attract your customers / members by displaying a particularly creative and differentiating profile. Don’t forget to post your photos / musics / videos… many elements to catch visitors and shine in their eyes!

+ business:
You appear in the searches, in particular by city, which ensures you an immediate recognition. Thanks to your profile, Internet users will have access to all of your services, which plays in favor of your actions and develops your business.

+ impact:
The guaranty to reach more people, beyond the local area network and the people already informed. Unlike social networks, WeDanceSalsa offers to quickly and easily communicate beyond your usual circle, outside your familiar environment and in other languages.

+ network:
The Facebook force: by importing your Facebook events on WedanceSalsa very easily, you spread the impact of your speech in a few seconds. Your actions are then spotted on a map and visible by the salseros in the whole world!!!
Settle the good habits: you can indicate your recurring events such as the courses in a very fast way and effortlessly. Maximize your chances to get newcomers!

Convinced? So join us!

Nothing is simpler! Create your profile and fill in a maximum of artistic info to give boost it: its originality will encourage people to visit it frequently and that’s good for you! Don’t hesitate to connect with your Facebook account and then in the menu, click on Import from Facebook