Learn salsa

Your buttock relaxes, bodies get hot, salsa instinctively awakens your senses…
It’s going to give you fever!!!!
Proud look, chest out, you’re gonna recover an overflowing energy and see how it’s so good to feel ALIVE!

When to learn salsa?

Right now!! There’s no age to learn. Many people take lessons in the evenings, during weekends or in festivals.
So don’t wait anymore for these all-in-one sessions: you meet mates, discuss, have a drink and move! In short, it’s a slightly broader picture than a movie night.

Where to dance?

When you want, where you want, with whom you want: it’s a universal language to practice either on holidays or in the middle of the work week to release pressure: with salsa, you’re the boss!

The best thing is to find out a dance teacher and evening lessons that are close to your home, in order to go there regularly. It’s also a good idea to combine courses and evenings - better to practice what you’ve learnt during the evening, so you don’t forget.

Concretely, how does all this happen?

Salsa is a sophisticated and structured dance, which requires respecting an 8-time rhythmic and the partner’s guidance.
Then, the "salsa lesson" is essential, a must-go!

A few hints and tips for your future learning:

  • listen to the music carefully,
  • get to know the movements of legs and arms,
  • soothe to improvise,
  • lead and follow the partner,
  • anticipate movings and the dancers around…

Hey, are you still there?!!! Don’t panic, it takes some time but that’s worth stepping on the dance floor, really! Icing on the cake: a lot of fun and a very good time ;-)

Any dress code?

Not at all! Make yourself beautiful to be at the top of your seduction! Also, make sure you can remove some clothes, as you may not be cold…
Ladies, shoes with heels are not mandatory, but they give more amplitude to your footwork. We advise that your heels be not be too high, with a good tight (with a strap ideally) and a leather or suede sole to swing without sleeping.

Why salsa is made for me?

Because this dance will give you a never-ending smile:
Rhythm, joy, cocktails, many encounters and there you go! You’ll feel powerful throughout the week! And everybody will see it: yes, because you’re the only one not to pull a long face on Monday mornings when you arrive at work…

Who do I dance with? Do I need a partner?

You don’t necessarily need a partner to go salsa. Just find your way there and you’ll meet one on the spot. Anyway, you’re going to dance with everybody.
It’s magic, every new music makes you switch partners!
Whether you’re a man or a woman, don’t hesitate to make the first step and invite!
Caliente or not?
It’s a rhythmic, dynamic and sensual dance, encouraging some proximity with the partner. However, this is not an obligation, it all depends on affinities.

Who guides the man or the woman?

It’s more about who the leader is and who the follower is. The leader (the man in general) guides and decides the movements, whereas the other person (woman in general) follows the leader’s guiding.
According to his/her level, the leader must be a good guide and be clear in the signs he gives, and the woman must follow accordingly.
So don’t stumble: every dance has its rules, and even if you have a crush on your partner, you have to stay – a minimum - focused;-)

What about the budget and frequency?

It depends, but to learn and attend salsa sessions is generally a very affordable activity. Follow a minimum of one lesson and one evening per week to memorize and master the automatisms.
You can also find some inspiration in the videos on internet and get some ideas.

Do we progress fast?

It’s quite relative, depending on your capacities and your rhythm. But you have to bear in mind that you need many years to master salsa completely.
The beginning is often the most difficult stage. Once the rhythm and basics are understood, it’s such a joy!

Salsa is pure MAGIC: you leave your worries behind, the moral fatigue changes into the good old physical and liberating one, you forget everything and feel as light as a feather!