Learn Kizomba

Explosive, addictive, volcanic… Kizomba won’t stop surprising you!
Forget all the dance experiences you already tested, this one takes you in the latino world, but not only!
Kizomba awakens the more instinctive, the more sensual gestures inside of you. Actually you’ll be 100 % connected with yourself and your partner, tantalizing isn’t it?
We dance salsa shows you the way…

Is Kizomba made for me?

Literally, this term comes from the Angolan « kimbundi » meaning « party ».
The tone is set, whether you are an advanced latino dancer looking for something different or a curious novice and a party-goer, everyone is concerned.

I decided to try, what do I have to do?

At the beginning, Kizomba can be confusing because it does’t look like at all like what we know in Europe, it is thus necessary to go to have "Kizomba lessons"… But beware of the amazing progress, as only a few courses are enough: no need to be a Pokemon to improve in a lightning way. Night after night, lesson after lesson, you’ll soon not be able to recognize yourselves any more, even better, you’ll LOVE IT!!!

At the beginning, you look at the others, envy them, are afraid of going there. And once you’ve tried you realize you can do it, that you enjoy, that you have, on your lips, always the same question: “When’s the next evening?”
Thanks to Wedancesalsa, no need to search;-)

I’ll become mad about Kizomba because:

It’s a new way to have fun, move and party.
It’s a way to discover new sounds and different movements, in harmony with the partner.

How do people dress?

There’s no typical dress code, make yourself comfortable but do not put a tracksuit on, let’s say you dress the same as to go to a party but by paying attention on the comfort of your shoes, because your feet are going to be under great strain: a supple sole, which does not adhere too much to be able to swirl again and again.

Is it necessary to be accompanied? Do I have to know my partner?

No for both questions!
You have of course the right to bring your friend but you can also meet other dancers on the spot, who have come like you to test this unique close contact experience.

Are the steps easy to memorize?

For the man, this dance requires being a good guide but don’t worry, the complicity between you and your partner is there to create the alchemy and, especially, don’t forget you’re not in a competition but in the relaxation!!! Slow, then fast steps, small tips to get and then you’ll feel at ease just like a fish to water!

Do I have to practice often?

Ideally, plan at least one course and one evening per week. But quickly, you’ll go back to it a little more often by pure pleasure!

It’s not an expensive activity, especially if you consider the sense joy that it’s going to inject in you every time! You can also watch videos online to have memos but they will not replace the practice.

With Kizomba, go BACK TO THE ROOTS:

If you find that:

  • shaking hands with your colleague in the morning
  • smacking your husband/wife is a bit distancing
  • more, you’re bored of being stuck to the others in public transports…

…. Come and discover another form of contact, far more transcendent, the Kizomba is made for you!
In a sensual hand-to-hand, you live the experience of a privileged proximity with the other, soflty, withour fear.