Learn Bachata

A touch of Dominican Republic, a pinch of African rhythm, a few tango accents, that’s the Bachata cocktail …
If you miss the sun, don’t wait to learn bachata: winter will no longer exist, you’ll keep your eyes open 12 months in the year: the color of the suits, warmness of the smiles, body closeness, plunging necklines, turning skirts, even the sweat will make it more real: it’s a promise, it’s summer every day!

Is Bachata made for me?

If you like partying, yes you’re gonna love this dance!
It’s not too complicated so you’ll be quickly at ease to practice.

I feel like trying, what do I have to do?

First thing, you’re on the good website ;-)
You’ll find all the good addresses to dig up evenings, festivals and of course lessons.
Play the proximity card: the more the teacher is close to your home, the more you’ll
be motivated…
And the more you’ll practice, the better dancer you’ll become!
A little tip: combine courses and evenings - better to practice what you’ve learnt during the evening, so you don’t forget.

Do I need to have a good level to start?

No actually, « bachating » rests on feeling, it comes fastly, even faster if you’re used to move your body in the evenings.
Then, if you want to improve more, don’t hesitate to take lessons to be better.
Choose a course where you feel good, you’re there to enjoy!!!!

Do I succumb to the temptation?!

Bachata is good: try and you’ll become addicted to that drug… a sport where you have fun, results on the weighing scale and above all this, you work on your silhouette without enduring series of abs! But it’s possible…
Parties, encounters, latino music, sensuality, Bachata will never deceive you!

Do I need a partner?

You don’t even need one, there’s everything on the spot.
Dare trying, it’s easy! Get rid of this bad barrier of shyness: you’ll get easier and faster first contacts, in a hand-to-hand where you don’t need to talk to understand others.

How do I dress?

Except that you may be sweating, no particular dress code, make yourself beautiful, even if your sensual movements will be your best assets to charm… If you want to play the femme fatale, heels are all right, not too high, with a strap and an adapted sole (no rubber, that adheres too much, rather in leather or suede).

Men, women, instructions?

Gentlemen, you lead.
Ladies, take the power without showing him too much… Exploit your leg games; go for a small gesture or a naughty look…
Both of you, invent the movements of your short-lived love story!

What budget?

The good news is that you don’t have to break the bank to dance Bachata! Only the passion for mojitos costs an arm and a leg :-P

How much time does it take to become a good Bachata dancer?

To be great on the stage, plan at least one course and one evening a week (otherwise it’s too difficult to memorize and to acquire the automatisms).
 What’s terrific, it is that you progress very fast, especially at the beginning, because basics are easy to learn and to master.
Then, fully focus on learning: do not count the internships/workshops to enrich your dance, benefit from the multitude of artists coming from many countries and of their traditional influences to create your Bachata, your style.

Can videos help?

Yes and no.
You don’t learn bicycle by watching videos, it’s necessary to ride and manage the balance. For the dance, it’s the same!
Feel things, coordinate movements, master the guiding, and be into action…
Having said that, videos can show you new figures and new shines, in order to enrich your repertory, your style.... In short, be a memo to revise and come up again with forgotten movements.

With Bachata, especially sensual Bachata, you’ll reveal your mojo: too much/very close to each other?! That’s rather nice!
You move your body to have fun, without complex, without taboo, on sensual rhythms. So guys, stick out your chest, and girls, sway your hips: tonight you are the SEX BOMBS!!!