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  • You are an association or the organizers of an event, publish it!
  • You are a dance teacher; advertise your services, schedule, prices…
  • You are simply a dancer, share the events you’re interested in that happen next to your home or elsewhere, become the ambassador of these dances which make you vibrate so much!

Why publish my events on WeDanceSalsa?

WeDanceSalsa creates linking between real life and dancers on the web, so quickly adopt it, this tool is made for you! It is a great opportunity to reinforce your contacts with potential customers / members / friends! And make the others want to meet you "in real life" during your event.

WeDanceSalsa allows setting and improving your notoriety thanks to a completely free and fast service.
You become more visible with targeted public and geo-tagged dancers all around the world. The events (evenings, courses, festivals) are easily locatable on a map, organized by date in the search.

If you wish to reach more people than in your local network, enlarge the circle of your regular customers, your friends - already all informed, your contacts on the social networks: come and join us!

Nothing is too good for your event; -) then for a maximum of visibility without too much effort, including international, you are on the right website!

Instructions to make your event known…

As you’ll see, it’s very user friendly, all you have to do is to: