The sensual bachata

Inspired by lambazouk and west coast swing with the use of waving techniques (your body waves like that of a dolphin), it’s the hot version of the bachata!
Compared to the two other styles (Dominican and modern), one can notice a clear physical connection between the two partners and the standard position is more closed.
But beware however, if you wish to start with these sophisticated turnarounds, including slips and half-drops, you’ll have to take a few lessons ;-)
Find out the courses close to your home on our website to become as sexy as Korke and Judith or Daniel and Désirée: these couples of professional dancers embody all the sensuality of this dance and will furiously make you want to step in!!!

On the agenda, more wavings, slower rhythms, in a few words your whole body is moving to express all its seductive power! It’s more difficult, yet it’s very steamy!