Salsa on 2: a direct connection to the instruments

ZOOM on salsa on 2

If you like latino music, this style is made for you! Fluid, harmonious and danced off-beat, it was born in New York, where many people danced Mambo. Directly connected to the instruments, your steps will be dictated by the sounds of the congas and the clave. If you want to see the master on the subject, have a look at Eddie Torres’ videos, who’s been rightly called the “mambo king”! As for the mambo and the cha cha, this style is danced “on the 2”: the break step or change of direction happens over times 2 and 6, the down beats of the music measure.
You will learn and keep your eyes wide open:  the dancer never stops rotating, showcasing impressive footwork baptized shines (from the shoe wax), coming one after another as soon as the partners dance on their own.

Did you know it?
The most famous shine is called Suzie Q.

Where to dance salsa on 2?

Nowadays, like salsa on 1, salsa on 2 is danced almost everywhere, you can therefore find instructors or evening lessons in all countries.
Whether you’re a man or a woman, this dance is a good way to bring out your inner sensuality… Moreover, if you practice it with a partner you fancy, then that even becomes a magic, if not an ardent experience!