Bachata, free yourself!

It’s THE trendy latino dance: far more simple than salsa (it’s even on its way to supplant it!), it’s undoubtedly one of the hottest!
It became popular in 2002 with Aventura’s hit « Obsesion », with numerous enthusiasts!
More accessible than the traditional bachata, it’s composed of figures which are mostly danced in open or half-open positions.
It reinvents the classical version of the original figures, which considerably enrich this dance. It is also close to the salsa steps and the hip-hop movements. Sometimes, elements from the tango (bachatango) or certain ballroom dances can be integrated.

A small history of Bachata

Inspired by bolero, this musical genre seems to have appeared in the 50’s in the Dominican Republic.
A recurring theme: melodramatic love stories with a social and unhappy political background.

Guitar was the first to give rhythm to these types of music, and then followed by other instruments such as drums, bongo or güira, a metallic scraper pierced with holes on which a stick is rubbed.
Illegal and snubbed by high society because it was associated to the common people, it was discovered with the opening of tourism in the country in the 80’s.  

In parallel, the record industry began to be interested in it and in the 90’s, some singers like Juan Luis Guerra became famous worldwide.  
Since then, New Yorker Prince Royce took over. In Europe, the hip swaying of the bachata appeared firstly in Spain in 2000 before its development here and there.

This dance does not require the same energy as for salsa, because the rhythm is slower and more languorous, but yet there are several styles: modern bachata, Dominican or sensual. You can find all their specific features on our website!

Bachata in short!

Coming from the Dominican Republic, the bachata waves on a typical Caribbean music and has multiple influences.
The basic step, in 4 times, is simple and can thus be assimilated easily. The rest is a mixing of “hula hoop” circles, swaying and sensuality. Trust your imagination with instinctive non-stop figures and shines!
The leader (mostly a man) guides the dance and the partner (mostly a woman) follows the leader by being literally carried away.
It’s a very sexy couple dance involving an important physical proximity between partners.
Often mixed up during the evening sessions, bachateros and salseros share the same universe.
It will therefore be quite easy for you to find where to dance the bachata, no matter the country where you are, and especially if you are connected to Wedancesalsa!