Cuban Salsa, an invitation to travel

ZOOM on the Cuban salsa

Everything takes place in Cuba… Instantly, idyllic images are scrolling through your head: parties, cigars, colorful façades… Are you there? Then let’s go on! It’s been decided to baptize this style of dance “casino” for the tourists, in reference to the casino dance of the 50’s, sublimated at the Tropicana, the famous Havana club.
For the figures and shines, the inspiration comes from Cuban Mambo, Cuban Cha Cha Cha or from the Guaguancó Rumba.

And what about the steps?

It’s a couple dance where the boy is generally the leader: together the partners move by mostly making successive circles: turns and quarter turns alone or around her partner for the girl, sequences of complex figures for the boy.  The Cuban salsa is danced over time 1, but is different from the North-American On1 style.

Back to the roots

The shines reveal their Negro-Cuban origins with movements that are literally “driven into the ground”… no doubt you will let your emotions speak and release your instincts!

Cuban salsa Masters

Mykel Fonts, Henry Herrera, José Alfredo Carrion, Homero Gonzalez, Iris De Brito, among many others…
Each one of them, with their own outstanding style and creativity, contributed to the development and the teaching of Cuban salsa in the world.